I started feeling an urge to create when I was in high school. Living through the cross over from the mechanical, analogue, industrial times to the age of technology where money and fame rule all. I am overwhelmed by the ego of man taking over; once again. With pop culture sensibility and wisps of street art, my creations point out what I perceive as the beginning of the end of human exsistance. I am consumed by the ultimate questions of why am I here, why am I afraid to die, why do I feel like this or what do I believe in. Dealing with my own feelings about my purpose, I try to create pieces that remind us all that we are not alone in this. The further we go down the technology rabbit hole the further we seem to get from our connection to nature. I try to take moments that symbolize what is making my stomach burn with anxiety and turn them into art pieces. Because it has been proven over and over again that humans do not seem to like to talk about these things I try to keep people aware of this struggle through art pieces.