Community Guidelines

We intend to build a positive, productive, instructive and supportive creative environment for our creative users. We value all of your creations and hope you can get the most out of the safe and supportive community. . Creatabu is the place where you can provide your genuine, constructive feedback and the willingness to help others to improve themselves.

Reputation system:

We closely monitor your commenting behaviors and have wired up a reputation system that will track your comments and other behaviors over time. We encourage each member of the community to police comments as well. If you see comments that are negative in terms of personal attack rather than the criticism of the work itself, we encourage you to use the down vote button to down vote that commenter’s comment.


We encourage our users to practice the “Dos” and help build a safe and supportive creative community that we all want.

Be supportive. There are many other creative communities out there. What we believe in is helping each other become better versions of themselves. You can help too. Just a simple Like/Ignite of someone’s creation; honoring the effort and time someone put towards building their creativity, they should deserve your encouragement, so give them your like to help validate their creative confidence. You can also show even more constructive behavior by commenting on users creations in a constructive manner. Good rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t say it to your mother or face to face with the person, don’t post it, but please do feel free to critique their work in a constructive way. If you think something can be better, by all means, share that input with them and we can all grow together.

Be thoughtful and respectful. One of the biggest reasons we started Creatabu is because we know the fear of facing criticism as an artist and especially some of the emotions that prevent you from sharing your creations. You may feel intimidated, sensitive to negative comments, and fear of non-constructive criticism. That’s why we created the anonymous sharing: to allow you to share your personal creations in a safe and constructive environment. However, that just solves one half of the equation. Another half we need your help with. We encourage you to be thoughtful and respectful in terms of leaving comment for our users. An example of a good comment will be: “I like how you did this… What I think it can be improved is…”

Be generous. Don’t be stingy (in terms of commenting): Don’t feel you have to be brief. Here we would love our users having meaningful discussions that can help each other improve. We encourage you write more than 140 characters of comment when you are interested in helping the content creator to improve on their artwork – this isn’t Twitter.

Report bad behavior. Although we have a reputation system wired up tracking good and bad behavior, we still rely on your help to monitor the innapropriate behavior to make this a safe environment for our users. If you see any negative behaviors that violate our guidelines, we encourage you to notify us as soon as possible. The fastest way to report to us is through the “Report” button. We will review the reported content from our users, and if necessary, we will ban users who aren’t adhering to our guidelines.


By using the anonymous sharing on Creatabu, you agree not to do the following: