Creatabu Art Giveaway

This summer, we want to celebrate your creativity by giving you the chance to win cool, art prizes! If you post your art, and give constructive feedback on other users’ art, then you can win. We will have a drawing at the end of each month for the next three months, and everyone can have more than one entry per drawing.

First Prize

Wacom CTH470 Tablet

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Second Prize

Adonit Jot Pro Stylus

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Third Prize

iPad for Artists book

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Fourth Prize

A puzzle note/sketchbook

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How to enter:

Each of the following gives you one entry for the monthly drawing:

  • Sign up for Creatabu
  • Upload art - each upload is an entry
  • Give constructive feedback - each constructive comment is an entry

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Additional Prize:

Social Sharing Prize

If you share this on your social accounts, we will enter you to win a fifth prize: some Creatabu schwag! Please use the social sharing buttons below:


Simple Rules:


You must own the copyrights to your uploads.


Don’t abuse the system - we will be monitoring and moderating the entries.

Constructive Criticism

No one word comments please. We have moderators who will be looking through the comments. Any unqualified comments will be rejected.

Other Bits

No purchase necessary. Sweepstakes ends on 08/28/2015. Please also read additional rules of the sweepstakes here. If a winner doesn’t get back to us within 48 hours after winning, we will draw someone else to fill their spot. Users can only win once.



How can I sign up to participate? And do I have to do like a specific drawing for the giveaway?

A: You just go to our website and signup for an account. You don’t have to like a specific drawing for the giveaway. You can learn more about the rules here!


Do I have to create an specific piece of art,or can I just submit a piece of art from my portfolio?

A: You're welcome to submit art you've already done!


Can I still enter the sweepstakes if I’m a fine art student?

A: Yes! This is a random giveaway and your skill level doesn't make a difference! Just post your art and have fun! And don't forget to comment on other users art too, because every comment you leave to help other people out is also worth an entry.


What makes a constructive comment?

A: List of things:

  • No one or two words comments such as “Good job”, “Awesome”, or “Cool” only.
  • Tell the artist what you like about his/her art
  • Share at least one thing that you think the artist can improve upon
  • If you don’t have much to say, at least ask some questions such as “what was your inspiration”, “what’s your motivation for creating”, “tell us more about your creative process”.
  • Check out some of the top comments here.


I commented in one of the pictures here on Facebook, is that what you’re asking for, or is it users on the website?

A: On the website! That's how we're tracking everything!


What is my reputation number?

A: The flame-heart icon (which is our logo) is the like button. The reputation score is how we reward good internet behavior. You can read more about the reputation system here.